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Unit One Smarts
CiDA Level 2 - Unit 1 - Smarts Website
An overview of the task…

In this section, you will be completing a practice version of the examination you will eventually sit. You will be learning all of the skills you need whilst completing this task - don't worry if you get stuck!

To start this project, we will first need to review all of the key documents:

  • Smarts Task - This is task exactly as you will be given in your actual exam.
  • Markscheme - This will highlight the exact marks you can achieve for each aspect of the task.
  • Checklist - Designed to help you while working to keep track of what you have completed.
  • Assets - These are the files that you will be using in the completion of the task.

The First Steps in Design
Understanding the basics to get you started…

In this section we will be gaining an understanding of how and why websites are designed in the way they are.
We will also be making our first steps in creating your site. You will being using the following documents:
• Understanding Websites - Looking at the Audience and Purpose decisions you will make.
• Client Briefs & Site Structure - Looking at the structural design needs of a website.
• Setting Up The Website - Making a start on setting up your site.
• Downloading The Assets - Making sure you have all of the files you need for the task.

Making your website
Time to get creative…

In the creation of your website, you may need to access some of the following guides in case you get stuck:

  • Creating The Banner - Using Fireworks to build the required banner.
  • Adjusting Page Size - Making sure the pages fit the client brief requirements.
  • Visual Impaired Learners - Make your pages suitable for all users.
  • Adding Audio Files - Embedding an MP3 file into a webpage.
  • Adding An Applet - Inserting the clock onto the webpage.
  • Image File Size - Ensuring images conform to the client brief requirements.

Testing your website
Making sure everything works…

Now you have finished your website, it is important to make sure that everything works and conforms to the client brief.
You will also be learning how to publish your website ready for marking.

  • Audience Survey - Getting other people to check and assess your work.
  • Testing The Website - Making sure everything works as expected.
  • Publishing For Marking - Turning your work into a completed website.

Carrying out a review…

With everything completed, you need to evaluate your work! There are 3 example websites below that will be used in class to discuss evaluation and suitability.

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