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GCSE Theory
Key Documents and workbooks for the course

Work Submission

1 - Algorithms
Looking at problem solving and algorithms…

1.1 Algorithms, decomposition and abstraction

1.2 Developing algorithms using flowcharts

1.3 Developing algorithms using pseudocode

1.4 Searching algorithms


2 - Programming
Looking at how to code your solutions…

2A1 - Data types and operations

2A2 - Sequence and selection

2A3 - Iteration

2A4 - Arrays

2B1 - Procedures and functions

2B2 - Validation and authentication

2B3 - Determining the purpose of algorithms

2B4 - Errors and testing

2B5 - Classification of programming languages


3 - Data representation
Looking at how computers manipulate data…
4 - Computer Systems
Looking at how computers function…

4.1 Boolean Logic

4.2 Application and System Software

4.3 Systems architecture

4.4 The CPU and Fetch Decode Execute cycle

4.5 Memory

4.6 Secondary storage


5 - Computer Networks
Looking at how computers join together…

5.1 Wired and Wireless networks

5.2 Network topologies and transmssion

5.3 Network security

5.4 Protocols and layers


6 - Cyber security
Looking at how to protect yourself and your data…

6.1 Cyber security threats

6.2 Social engineering

6.3 Malicious code

6.4 Detection and prevention


7 - Digital Society
Looking at how computers influence life…

7.2 Computers in the modern world

7.3 Legislation


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