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Image Editing

Bronze Criteria

  • You can acknowledge the ethical aspects of photograph editing.
  • You can make basic changes to a photograph using simple tools.
  • You can work with limited accuracy.

Silver Criteria

  • You can explain the pros and cons of image manipulation.
  • You can use complex tools to edit / manipulate a photograph.
  • You can work with accuracy and normally use the correct tool for the task.

Gold Criteria

  • You aware and sensitive to the purpose of image manipulation.
  • You can select and use tools to meet the needs of image manipulation.
  • You can work independently of tutorials to make changes to an image.
  • You can choose your own images and make the required adjustments to improve / modify the image.


Crop – The removal of a part of an image. This may involve cutting some of the image from the left, right, top, bottom, or any combination thereof. It may also mean just cutting out a small rectangular of the image.
Compression - or "data compression," is used to reduce the size of a file. When a file is compressed, it takes up less disk space and can be transferred to other systems more quickly. Therefore, compression is often used to save disk space and reduce the time needed to transfer files over the Internet.
JPEG - Stands for "Joint Photographic Experts Group". JPEG is one of the most popular image file formats used in image editing. It is commonly used by digital cameras to store photos since it supports 224 or 16,777,216 colours. The format also supports varying levels of compression, which makes it ideal for web graphics.
Lossless compression - Reduces a file's size with no loss of quality. Lossless rewrites the data of the original file in a more efficient way. While JPEGs and MP3s use lossy compression.
Lossy compression - sesults in lost data and quality from the original version. Lossy removes data from the original file, resulting in the file taking up much less disk space than the original. Lossy compression is typically associated with image files, such as JPEGs, but can also be used for audio files, like MP3s.



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